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Meet Paul, he is a seasoned custom t shirt printer in Vietnam. I asked him why he makes knit and woven under one roof in this video. His factory makes for well known brands like Supreme. I can introduce you to Paul and another custom t shirt printer in Vietnam. Or you can contact Paul directly via LinkedIn. He is one of the best custom t shirt printer in Vietnam.

My name is Chris. I have been working in the Vietnam Garment Industry since 2008. My expertise is advising fashion start-ups and finding the right factories fast for you. I built this website to promote Paul and Vietnam. Read more about Paul about Paul's history below.

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Imagine that you have an idea to produce custom screen printed tees in Vietnam. Would it be great to get inside the sewing or printing factory to see how they print and sew? Would you like to check the quality yourself? I can get you inside Vietnamese high quality t-shirt factories for a tour. Watch my video for more details.

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Un Available’s journey to becoming a custom t shirt printer in Vietnam starts in 1999 when two friends found how to make apparel production in Vietnam work. It was rough getting started due to the cultural differences but overtime they planted their UK roots in Vietnamese soil. Their turning point was creating a local branded store called L’Usine. Fast forward to today and they eight sewing lines making both knit and woven. They sold their L'Usine brand and now focus on serving other customers like Publish and The Peaceful Hooligan. They are a premium custom t shirt printer in Vietnam.

Darren was in Vietnam producing garments for European brands. Paul was in UK building his street wear fashion brand, Marshall Artist. Darren was producing for Paul and recommended they go all in and embrace Vietnam’s upward trajectory. The idea was to produce quality garments for small brands offering full service as a custom t shirt printer in Vietnam. Back in 1999, Vietnam was just beginning to blossom yet still operating like a Spaghetti Western. Darren and Paul identified cultivated a skilled work force, set up reliable fabrics supply chains and managed the outsourcing of silk screening. Vietnam was home and they became Un Available due to the incessant demand for their premium custom t shirt printing services.
Marshall Artists’ first Vietnam collection came together amazingly fast. They had four printed t shirts and three sweat suits. They ordered 750 of each style and started production within a week. They struggled with some faulty fabric and inks that were peeling off after two washes. They worked together with the local Vietnamese to import replacement fabric and buy higher quality inks for their second production run. The lessons they learned by the third production run in less than six months thanks earned them their reputation as a high quality custom t shirt printer in Ho Chi Minh City.

Fast forward to 2012, Un Available noticed the lack of street cred. in local fashion. They designed their own local brand and opened a store in Vietnam to showcase it. They learned quickly that Vietnamese taste for fashion is very different than western tastes and now only target travelers in the district one of Saigon.

Their history has been exciting and full of lessons learned. They have maintained their business contacts since 1999 and expanded their supply chains. They built a brand and sold it. Their history makes them one of the best custom t shirt printers in Vietnam. They are particularly good at the screen printing techniques listed below like rubber ink and 3D printing.

Rubber Ink Screen Printing in Vietnam

Rubber ink Screen Printing in Vietnam is known for its “cleanness” because it does not contain any toxins. The printing patterns on garments using Rubber ink feel soft and that makes it the choice of the majority of manufacturers and wearers. With these attributes of comfort and safety, Rubber Ink Screen Printing in Vietnam is often seen on children clothing.

Main characteristics of Rubber Ink Screen Printing in Vietnam are that it is quite durable but does not hold well with strong solvents and detergents. Especially Note for Rubber Ink Screen Printing in Vietnam is that Rubber ink should be soaked in concentrated detergents for more than 8 hours.

3D Silk Screen Printing in Vietnam

3D Silk Screen Printing in Vietnam, with its 3D special effects are especially popular for all types of fabric that the fashion designers can aim for all ages, including men and women. To obtain 3D effects, the printing artists must print multiple layers on top of each other to thicken the pattern per the quality demand of customers’ orders.
3D Silk Screening printing in Vietnam is done with automatic machines to gain high precision and good quality control. A few companies do rely on manual printing techniques and they can certainly achieve the desired results but these firms depend heavily on skilled workers and often produce very low yields; this in turn increases the cost of their products. It does introduce product defectives which are inherent in its multi-layer process. Ink used mainly in 3D screen printing in Vietnam is Plastisol. Only few of 3D Screen printing company uses Rubber ink as their use of Rubber ink in 3D screen printing tends to cause printed patterns to warp as the ink dries. That would induce discomfort to people using the product.

The characteristics of 3D Silk Screening in Vietnam is that it is reliable, could be adversely impacted by strong solvents and other harsh cleaners.

Waterproof Fabric (Solvent) Screen Printing in Vietnam

Waterproof Fabric (Solvent) Screen Printing in Vietnam is not easy and there are few suppliers that can do it. If you have such silk screening needs then we will search around for the right supplier for you.

Contact us to get more information about waterproof fabric (solvent) screen printing in Vietnam if you are interested in.

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